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Our Team

We are a team with a singular shared goal

We are the collective of our combined knowledge base
F.A.A.S.T.'s team is composed of seasoned professionals who thrive in finding innovative ways of resolving complex logistics operations problems. As a young company, the team is committed to an "all hands" attitude that trains everyone on the multidisciplines needed for securing the success of this effort, besides making us good team members and great friends.
Juan Uribe - Founder & CEO

Mechanical and Electrical Engineer inventor and leader. Out-of-the-box thinker. Juan likes challenges and devising solutions. Among other fine companies, Juan has worked for Schwartz Electro Optics, Orlando FL, IBM Global Consulting Group, Miami, FL. Perfumania, Miami, FL and JM Family Toyota/Lexus of North America, Deerfield Beach, FL. Michigan Technological University Mechanical Engineering and Related Technologies. Florida Institute of Technology Electrical Engineering and Related Technologies

Ben Smith - COO

Ben Smith is a seasoned entrepreneur, executive and marketer with nearly three decades of experience serving across a variety of sectors, building corporate structure, creating global brands, overseeing complex mergers, acquisitions and integrations, and developing high-performing teams. Technology, operations, marketing, and networking. These traits embody what he does. On a serious note, pulling from his background in more than 40 verticals, he thinks strategically, while reacting in real time. He can not only create a vision, but rally and build passion behind it, project manage it till it manifests, then reinvent the next round of it.

Patrick R. Manion - CTO

Patrick is the most accomplished Non-Mechanical Engineer, Mechamical Engineer we know. He has, single-handedly follow the idea's concept and produced robust designs in a great many parts of the system. Patrick's background is in Geology which he studied at University of Illinois. He has done work in environmental consulting and industrial refrigeration for companies in the US. Patrick is an accomplished mechanic with a superb ability to "create and watch" in his mind eye, mechanical processes from beginning to end.

Jeff Manion 3rd - Managing Partner

From Robotics 3PL logistics to Corporate Aviation Executive, Jeff has a proven track record from start-up to helping attain YOY revenue growth, capturing new market share, maximizing corporate performance, and improving internal efficiencies.

Dario Castillo VP-Marketing LATAM

Dario is a seasoned executive in Marketing and Management. His energy and tenacity to overcome barriers in a professional manner has earned him the respect and admiration of his peers and employees. His latest position and General Manager of the Ferrocarril del Pacific, showed everyone how to lead a small team of executives to increment sales and "Right-up-the-P&L" to secure financing by skeptic banks, government officials and investors. Dario has a degree in Business from Universidad Del Valle, Cali, Colombia and over 20 years experience positioning companies, through marketing, in several industries.

Juan Manuel Delgado Diaz - Sr. Business Development LATAM

Juan Manuel is a gifted technologist in the Computer Science field. With extensive experience in software design and application development. In the later years, Juan Manuel has been more involved in the entrepreneurial side business development. Juan Manuel has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from San Martin University in Bogota, followed by a Bachelor in Business Administration from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, which he has rounded with experience in business management, logistics and research. Presently he is a PHD candidate in Computer Science for Technologically Complex Business. Mr. Delgado has a Software Patent.

Jim Shaffer - Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Jim has over forty patents in mechanical design. He brings the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking that makes us wonder if he is still a child at heart and mind. Jim's breadth of knowledge makes him the "oracle" when it's time to decide which road to take from the many alternatives we present him. Jim has worked for every significant defense contractor in the US. He is a Mechanical Engineering in Ohio State University. Jim has been infatuated with the study of "nutation" and has developed many design solutions using his knowledge and understanding of the physics of nutation motion.

Manuel F. Buendia Motion - Control Engineer LATAM

Manuel joined our team two years ago and has proven to be a fast learner and a versatile engineer. Manuel has a technical degree in Electronics from the Universidad del Valle in Cali Colombia and a Bachelors in Mechatronix from the Universidad Autonoma de Occidente, also located in Cali Colombia. Manuel in an expert in Open PLC programming and Motion Control. He has become an important participant in our design discussions due to his interests in our field, and his great understanding of spatial motion and CAD design. Manuel resides in Colombia, South America.

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